How To Spy On Your Competitors

How To Spy On Your CompetitorsYou may have big marketing ideas, but if your competition is already using a similar strategy, your efforts might be doomed from the start.

This eBook will help you identify what your competition is doing online in a simple (and totally legal) way – and how to exploit opportunities in the market that your competitors may not be aware of.

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Your marketing plan should include the following questions:

  • Who are my competitors?
  • How are they ranking online? For what keywords and phrases?
  • What are their online marketing strategies?
  • How effectively are they reaching your target market and why?
  • What areas are they missing out on that you can swoop in and dominate?

At Website Muscle, we believe the best approach to online marketing is a holistic one. Your marketing plan needs to include your message and branding, who you’re marketing to, how to reach them, what you want your leads to do, and how they should do it. Finally, you need to establish how you’ll be different (and better!) than the competition.

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