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Oxygen Initiative: A Case Study in Quickness

Dec 15, 2016

The Client

Oxygen Initiative Home page

Oxygen Initiative provides electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for high-use commercial and residential locations.

The company’s leadership team is deeply involved in efforts to standardize EV charging interfaces and advance “smart charging,” which would compensate EV drivers who delay vehicle charging during the local power grid’s peak operating hours.

The Project

Oxygen Initiative was a special case for Website Muscle.

Our projects typically take six to eight weeks, depending on the size of the website and the needs of the client. When this client came to us, however, they needed a live site in early December that cut our normal design and launch schedule in half. The schedule was compressed further by the Thanksgiving holiday.

The project was a good fit for our team, though, and we believed we were up to the challenge of completing a new website that met our high standards in a limited timeframe. When we met with the client, we discussed how we could make sure the project was ready on time — we would need a lot of quick input from their team to get designs approved and put all of the pieces in place to have the site online by their deadline.


In developing the site’s content, the client stressed that we highlight the growth of electric vehicles as a movement.

They wanted the site’s primary audience — commercial and residential real estate owners interested in purchasing EV charging stations for their business parks, apartment buildings and the like — to feel plugged into that current of change.

Electric Vehicles on the Rise Homepage PanelWe incorporated this perspective throughout the new website’s content, specifically in a section on the Home page titled “Electric Vehicles On The Rise.”

With a few notable facts, this section highlights the “revolution-scale adoption” of electric vehicles and the need to standardize and expand the infrastructure to support them.

We spoke with Oxygen Initiative’s senior leadership and their marketing and PR agency to gather information for the website. The latter shared some press releases and content planned for publication that we used to improve the content on multiple pages.


We established the new Oxygen Initiative site on the WordPress platform using the latest Salient theme. Since the new website was part of a larger company and product rollout, the client was able to provide branding guidelines and parameters that our designer used to expedite the design phase of the project.

The home page includes a collection of sections designed to reach the company’s multiple audiences — business owners, EV drivers, and industry partners — in addition to the “EVs On The Rise” segment. The dominant colors of each section were taken from the branding information the client provided.

The Oxygen Initiative team was initially concerned about the home page being too long, but we pointed out that the rise of mobile browsing has made website visitors more amenable to scrolling than they would have been in years past.

Web Design Case Study: Oxygen InitiativeOne unique feature that we incorporated was image “hotspots,” a plugin that allows the designer to annotate images with hoverable or clickable buttons that contain text — in our case, information about Oxygen Initiative’s products.

The Results

The Oxygen Initiative team did a great job of responding when we needed input, and they approved our design for the site with minimal changes on the first go-round. After a few collaborative drafts, the content was similarly approved and the site was ready to go.

We successfully finalized and launched the Oxygen Initiative site within their shortened timeline, less than a month after our initial strategy session. And, thanks to our responsive client and well-defined project management system, we were all able to fully enjoy our Thanksgiving break. No overtime required!

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