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A Visit with WP Engine

Feb 16, 2016

Today, Sam and I hosted Andy Perez III, Jonathan Kirkland, and Tony Gilharry from WP Engine for the first of many collaborative discussions at our office. They listened to our feedback, shared exciting developments, and reviewed some growth options that we will be able to pass along to our clients.

WP Engine Visit Andy Perez III, Chris, Sam, Tony Gilharry, and Jonathan Kirkland

These guys provide headache-free WordPress hosting that just works. Their visit represents the culmination of a significant amount of research, planning, and exhaustive testing in our search for the perfect WordPress hosting solution for our clients.

Here's a look back on how we got here...

Six months ago we understood the problems.

We needed a reliable hosting partner with:

  • An infrastructure that facilitated single-click site speed optimization.
  • Proactive security scanning and correction.
  • Backup, restore, CDN, cache, firewalls...we needed it all.

Our list was long, but it all added up to the right solution for our clients - and viability for our business.

Business owners demand solutions, not explanations.

So what if WordPress sites are prone to security issues?

Who cares about how tricky it is to make a website load quickly?

When our phone rings the only correct answer is, "We're on it - we'll fix it right away." Even then, the damage is already done. That's one point of trust transferred directly from us to an unknown competitor and it adds Heck - it would multiply if we ever tried to charge our clients for our time!

Other websites manage to stay online and function properly. Right?

Well, maybe YouTube or Twitter do go offline occasionally... but perception, as they say, is reality.

It's more important to our clients when their website goes offline than when Twitter does. That makes it more important to us. We love that. That's why we're here.

That's where we decided to double-down.

To stay competitive, we had to educate ourselves. To get in front of industry shifts so we could pass that value along to our clients.

We knew the real answer came in the form of a technology partner with a human element. There are people behind all of the computers hosting our websites. We wanted to connect with them, to talk to them, and even meet them in the real world.

Today, we're hard at work migrating all of our clients to our WordPress Hosting. And we're walking the walk - we've moved our own website to WP Engine too. After moving our website to WP Engine, we saw our average load time plummet from 8.94 seconds to 2.59 seconds!

Thanks for stopping by Andy, Jonathan, and Tony. Here's to many years of exceeding our clients' expectations!

Christopher Mazurk

Written by Christopher Mazurk

Chris is your go-to point of contact once you sign on with us. His background in website development, project management and network administration is delightfully comprehensive, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Outside of work, Chris's hands are typically clapping at an Angels game or serenading his wife via guitar.

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