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UCI CFEP: A Case Study in Client Relationships

Feb 23, 2017

UCI CFEP Case Study. UC Irvine is a repeat Website Muscle customer, and we collaborated on a site that helps students navigate the path to higher education.

The Client

UCI CFEP homepageThe Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP) at the University of California, Irvine, connects students to programs that support preparation for and success in higher education.

Their work includes facilitating faculty involvement with students, engaging in K-12 academic preparation, providing professional development for teachers, and supporting undergraduate retention.

The CFEP promotes diversity and collaboration among university stakeholders to foster academic excellence.

The Project

The CFEP team came to us because we created a website for another UCI program, the UCI Career Center, several years earlier. The success of that project and our grasp of the university’s requirements made us a good fit for the CFEP’s needs.

UCI Career Center homepage

UCI Career Center website

In this case, those needs included a top-to-bottom redesign of the CFEP’s existing site.

While the old site was still functional, the design was outdated and didn’t represent the dynamic educational environment that UCI cultivates.

This particular project was interesting in that we had to draw information from many different groups to turn the website into the resource that the CFEP envisioned.

The Center’s leadership team wanted a site that connected students with the information they needed while representing their passion for helping students thrive on their path to higher education.


The new website had to stay within UCI’s branding guidelines, which included the university’s well-known blue-and-gold color scheme.

(Pro Tip: if your business or organization has already developed branding guidelines, sharing them with your web design team will help maintain consistency across your marketing materials.)

UCI CFEP case study

Sample row from UCI CFEP 'Programs' subpage

Another helpful tool in this particular project was having access to UCI’s Flickr photostream.

Our designer was able to gather high-quality photos that represented UCI well and use them throughout the site. These large-scale images gave the pages a sense of energy and enthusiasm that the previous version of the site lacked.


The bulk of the new site’s content was taken from the CFEP’s existing site, especially on the four “Programs” subpages.

Each row on the "Programs" pages represents an organization that works with the Center to advance student education.

While the old website listed each program’s information in a table format, we were able to highlight each program graphically with large images, descriptive text, and clear contact information and calls to action.

Breaking up the information in this way makes it easier for users to stay engaged as they scroll through the various programs to find what they are looking for.

The Results

After a few minimal revisions and image swaps, we were able to hand the new website to the UCI team, who launched it within the university’s larger online network. The CFEP leadership was quite pleased with the final result, and with their new ability to make easy changes to their WordPress site and participating programs as needed.

The redesigned UCI CFEP website continues to serve the program and draw students, educators and other stakeholders who want to help students succeed.

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