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How Do I Take Donations on My Website?

By Joseph La Ponza on Dec 12, 2017

We have a couple of recommendations for clients who run nonprofits and wish to accept donations via their WordPress websites.

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A Website Muscle Breakdown — Template vs. Theme vs. Custom Websites

By Tyler Bales on Nov 14, 2017

Clients who come to us for a new website can get tripped up on the industry terms we throw around.

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How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

By Tyler Bales on Oct 12, 2017

Website Muscle started back in 2008, which means our 10-year anniversary isn’t too far off. (Yikes!)

Topics: Web Design
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Scalability: Balancing Function with Future Growth

By Tyler Bales on Aug 29, 2017

Most of our website design clients are like us — small businesses who want to grow and want to use the internet to do it.

Topics: Web Design
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Project Timelines - Why So Pushy???

By Christopher Mazurk on Apr 18, 2017

Some people love deadlines, other people despise them. We have a set process that includes a few deadlines, but let us explain why... AND how it helps you!

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What Type of Website Does Your Business Need?

By Tyler Bales on Feb 02, 2017

You know your business needs an online presence.

You know that there is a big difference between a good website and a bad one -- maybe you already have the latter.

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Does Your Website Need A Refresh?

By Tyler Bales on Jan 17, 2017

Websites are not works of art.

No matter how fancy or elegant our designs might be, the websites we create are not meant to be static, unchanging monuments to your business.

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What You Need to Know About Heat Maps & Scroll Maps

By Tyler Bales on Nov 08, 2016


Optimize is one of the most frequently used words in web design and online marketing. It literally puts the “O” in SEO.

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7 Ways Manufacturing Companies Sabotage Their Websites

By Christopher Mazurk on Oct 06, 2016

The rise in online searches for business information means that many of your company’s prospective leads will see your web presence before they ever call you or see you in person.

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Why Follow Your Competitors When You Can Follow the Numbers?

By Tyler Bales on Jul 25, 2016

When I meet with clients to talk about a website project, I usually ask if there is anything they like or dislike about their competitors’ websites. (Mostly I just want to make sure I’m giving the client what they want.)

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