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Before you start a social media campaign read this.

By Sam Nelson on Jan 19, 2016

Too often I talk to business owners that say “We want to do social media”.

When I hear this, my first question is always the same - “Why?”

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3 Easy Ways a Small Business Can Use LinkedIn

By Christopher Mazurk on Dec 16, 2015

For many small businesses social media lands somewhere between a mystery and a headache. In fact, up to 47% of small businesses (according to a recent Clutch poll) don't engage in social media practices at all.

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How Facebook's News Feed Works

By Tyree Nelson on Nov 03, 2015

Ever wonder how certain things make the cut for your Facebook News Feed and other things don't?

Perhaps you remember Ye Olden Days when literally every breakup, break down, and bathroom break were broadcast in your News Feed - whether you liked it or not. And now it seems there are hundreds of people whose stories and statuses never show up anymore.

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Four Tips to Protect Your Company’s Online Reputation

By Kyle Cavaness on Jun 22, 2015

Four Tips to Protect Your Company’s Online Reputation

The crowdsourced review website Yelp has the power to make or break many small businesses today.

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