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How to Add a Portal to Your Website

By Sam Nelson on Dec 07, 2017

To use an overly simple analogy, website portals are like the beefy guy with the clipboard at the door of a club. Without the right information, you're not getting in.

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Website Muscle Reporting — The What & The Why

By Sam Nelson on Mar 23, 2017

This is not your typical blog post.

We’re not going to give you our thoughts on online marketing or tell you about the last fun thing we did — we’ll have time for that later.

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SSL & SEO — A Love Story

By Christopher Mazurk on Jan 24, 2017

Ever wonder what that green padlock is that appears in the far left corner of your URL bar?

Obviously it means that the site you’re looking at is secure — but secure from what? And what happens if that padlock doesn’t show up?

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Closing Rackspace: A Hero's Journey

By Sam Nelson on Jan 10, 2017

What a long, strange trip it's been... (Photo by Brickset via

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Bare-Bones SEO: 8 Essentials for Every Website

By Sam Nelson on Jan 05, 2017

Ask ten different website developers what SEO means and you'll likely get ten different answers.

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Will My WordPress Website Get Hacked?

By Tyree Nelson on Sep 29, 2016

It is possible for your WordPress site to get hacked, but it doesn't have to be.

Here are our Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Site's Security and prevent hacking.

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Any "Monkey" Can Create A Secure Password

By Tyree Nelson on Jul 22, 2014

Actually, "monkey" is the 14th most common password. Holding on to the first and second spots are "iloveyou" and everyone's favorite... "password."

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Backblaze: Online Backup Made Easy

By Sam Nelson on Jan 29, 2014

If you have anything of value on your computer, we sure hope you're backing up. No, it's not the most exciting thing to spend your time on, but taking the time for one day and figuring out a secure backup system that works for you can prove priceless.

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