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Bare-Bones SEO: 8 Essentials for Every Website

By Sam Nelson on Jan 05, 2017

Ask ten different website developers what SEO means and you'll likely get ten different answers.

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7 Ways Manufacturing Companies Sabotage Their Websites

By Christopher Mazurk on Oct 06, 2016

The rise in online searches for business information means that many of your company’s prospective leads will see your web presence before they ever call you or see you in person.

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Choosing the Right Images for Your Website

By Tyler Bales on Jun 13, 2016

Selecting images for your website's home page, sub-pages, or blog posts, is often at the bottom of your To Do list -- if you get around to it at all.

The trouble is, images are actually quite important and deserve more time and attention than they often receive.

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5 Reasons People Aren't Visiting Your Website

By Tyler Bales on May 27, 2016

If your company’s website was an old-timey Main Street storefront, what would people see when they passed by?

Would they see a clean, well-maintained shop that was friendly and open for business? Or something more rundown, with a front door that barely opens and windows painted shut?

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Photography, and Why You Need It

By Tyree Nelson on Oct 03, 2013

By now you probably know that one of the most important aspects of a successful small business is RELATIONSHIPS.

Pretty much everything you do as a small business owner should be motivated by and centered upon a desire to build stronger relationships with your customers and potential customers. You might be surprised to learn that photography is no exception.

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