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How to Develop a Keyword Strategy for Your Website

By Tyree Nelson on Feb 07, 2017

If you're at all familiar with SEO and online marketing, then you probably know that keywords are crucial to Google's ranking system.

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How to Optimize a Blog Post on Your WordPress Site

By Tyree Nelson on Feb 29, 2016

You've learned how to post a blog on your WordPress website - now you're ready to optimize it for Google search results! It's easy and important. Let's do this!

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Keeping an Eye on the Competition

By Kyle Cavaness on Aug 26, 2015

Before getting started, we’d like to offer our congratulations.

Reading this post means that you’re focused on your company’s online presence, and that you’re aware of the larger market that your business competes in - which means you're on the right track for success and growth online. Way to go!

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Say Bye-Bye to Keyword Tracking

By Tyree Nelson on Feb 24, 2015

What's this? Google is no longer allowing us to track keywords?!

Here's how marketers and CEOs can overcome the hit.

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How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

By Kyle Cavaness on Jan 21, 2015

How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

Ah, the almighty Google search box.

Website developers spend a lot of time trying to make sure their pages show up directly beneath that box, at the top of Google’s first page of search results.

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Google Penalizing Sites for Over-Optimization

By Tyree Nelson on Oct 13, 2013

Word on the street is that Google will soon be penalizing websites for over-optimization. In other words, any attempts to trick Google into ranking your site for certain keywords and phrases by using spammy tactics will be thwarted.

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