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Inside Our Development Process

By Christopher Mazurk on May 16, 2017

Or, “Why We Focus on the Infrastructure of Your Site First”

Every once in a while we run into a client who knows they need a new website, but doesn’t really understand how websites are created.

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Project Timelines - Why So Pushy???

By Christopher Mazurk on Apr 18, 2017

Some people love deadlines, other people despise them. We have a set process that includes a few deadlines, but let us explain why... AND how it helps you!

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Website Discovery Process with Website Muscle

By Sam Nelson on Dec 01, 2016

So, you're ready for a new website for your business. How exciting! You may be wondering what starting that process looks like. Well, it's probably a little bit different for every website development agency you encounter, but let me take you through the typical Website Discovery Process with Website Muscle.

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4 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

By Tyree Nelson on Jan 15, 2014

Some essential questions you'll want to use when considering your new website designer...

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