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The Simon Family Foundation: A Case Study You'll Want to Hug

Jul 13, 2017

Everyone loves a good heart-warming, feel-good story. Even better is when they're happening not on the Hallmark channel, but in real life. We are fortunate to have had a few clients with heartwarming stories of their own, and this is one of them.


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The Simon Family Foundation is chock-a-block full of stories that'll tug on your heartstrings and remind you that there still is a lot of love and good deeds going on around us. If only they were more newsworthy, right?

In any event, here's a little about The Simon Family Foundation.

The Client

The Simon Family Foundation works with high school kids who are experiencing difficult life circumstances and who are economically disadvantaged, to help them fulfill their dream of a college education. In addition to a $16,000 scholarship, Simon Scholars receive "whole-person development" while they're in high school, including life skills, college application assistance, SAT prep, and more.

The Project

Since The Simon Family Foundation has helped so many kids, they had dozens and dozens of stories that, while very endearing, were frankly too long for the average reader. I helped them pare down their content and recommended they choose just a few recipients from each of their partner schools to feature on the website.

We also decided to sprinkle a sampling of student testimonials throughout the site, rather than collecting them all in one place. And finally, I helped alter the tone of the condensed content to be more conversational, with the goal of driving visitors to contact them to learn more about scholarship opportunities, with less focus on the Foundation itself.

Design-wise, Tyler updated the look and feel of the site, including a Milestone feature (counter). Approaching the design with mobile users in mind (as he does on all the websites we develop), Tyler agreed that cutting content would be necessary to avoid a sub-par user experience (UX).

The Result

The new design is great for students and parents interested in learning more about the Simon Scholar Program. It’s easy to navigate via desktop or mobile, and the content is clear and concise. The client loves it, and so do we! 

Kyle Cavaness

Written by Kyle Cavaness

Kyle is approachable, friendly, and professional – and the dude can write, which doesn’t hurt. Kyle helps our online marketing clients by writing unique, keyword-rich blog posts and landing pages. During non-working hours, he writes stories for OC Weekly and songs for his band, The Vespertines.

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