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TDI Custom Packaging: A Case Study in Vision

Mar 07, 2017

TDI Custom Packaging, Inc. was a challenging yet very rewarding project for our team.

The Client

TDI Custom Packaging Website PreviewTDI Custom Packaging makes polyethylene products for client packaging needs, including plastic bags, plastic sleeves, tubing and other custom orders.

TDI’s doors opened in 1974, and they have impressed many long-term customers over the past four-plus decades with their expertise, customer service, and ability to turn orders around quickly. The company’s production plant and service team are based at a facility in Santa Ana, California.

The Project

Our partnership with TDI was unique, even for us. The owner of the company met our CEO, Sam Nelson, at a Vistage meeting, where they began to talk shop. He wanted to boost his company’s online presence with a new website and an advertising campaign, but neither he nor the business’s team had anyone on staff with website experience.

After a few rounds of discussion with the team, Sam presented TDI with a customized vision to grow their online authority with minimal work required on their end.
In short, we’d do it all.

We’d learn about TDI, and then create the design, draft the content, and launch the website — all without the client’s approval.

And while this might sound crazy, this was only the first part of the plan. Part two was setting up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign — complete with Google ads, landing pages, the works — and managing it for TDI, again without their approval.

We knew that by adhering to our own best practices for web design and online marketing, we could tie this strategy to a simple promise — as long as TDI partnered with Website Muscle, we would bring in enough prospective customers to make their online marketing spend profitable.

In other words, as long as the green “Profit” line stays a healthy distance above the red “Spend” line (see chart below), Website Muscle’s online marketing campaign for TDI is getting the job done — and their team wouldn't have to do anything but answer the calls and emails from leads that found them online.

Website Muscle Monthly Report
A glimpse into the monthly report that we use to track our online marketing efforts. Our patent-pending Marketing Math™ shows the client's Return on Investment vs. the amount spent on the campaign.

Instead of linking our performance to murky metrics like “impressions” or “page views,” we provided a measurable return on investment (ROI) that our client could see in black and white… er, red and green (and gray).

Spoiler Alert! …TDI said yes to our grandiose plans, and we got to work.

Design & Content

Before we started building TDI’s online presence, we had to get to know them — who they were, what made them unique in their industry, and how we should present them to their online audience.

TDI Custom Packaging Homepage

The Website Muscle team took a trip to TDI’s headquarters, and we spent some time with their sales team discussing their marketplace and learning about their capabilities.

We toured their production facility, and after seeing what custom polyethylene extrusion and conversion looks like up close (and learning what all of those words mean), we started developing a modern web presence for TDI.

Since we had carte blanche to create a conversion-driven website for TDI, we decided to boil their website down to its essence — a Home page, About page, Capabilities page, and a Contact page.

By reducing the number of pages we had to maintain, our developer had more time to customize each of the site’s subpages and increase the site’s visual appeal.

Similarly, our content writer was able to distill TDI’s unique offering — namely, that they could complete orders in days instead of weeks, unlike many of their competitors — into an engaging message that compelled visitors to take action.

Our web design team worked seamlessly with our marketing and sales crew to develop the PPC campaign as well, crafting ads and targeted landing pages that would appeal to the niches that TDI believed to be ripe for growth.

The Results

More than one year later, the partnership between Website Muscle and TDI Custom Packaging is still going strong.

The PPC campaign is performing as predicted, and we’re still making constant tweaks to the website to improve the user experience and provide unique, valuable content.

As part of the marketing campaign, we’ve added two targeted landing pages for Gel Bags and Nursery Bags, which has helped the company hone in on their target market.

In the end, you might even say that we have this project… in the bag. *ba-dum kssh*

Kyle Cavaness

Written by Kyle Cavaness

Kyle is approachable, friendly, and professional – and the dude can write, which doesn’t hurt. Kyle helps our online marketing clients by writing unique, keyword-rich blog posts and landing pages. During non-working hours, he writes stories for OC Weekly and songs for his band, The Vespertines.

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