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Squar Milner: A Case Study in PM Synergy

Mar 28, 2017

This was a large project with a lot to keep organized. It would have been tough without the help of their awesome Project Manager and ours working together!

This was a large and complex project.

Squar Milner's new website included a lot of custom design work, a ton of content to organize, and multiple people whose review and approval we had to secure throughout the process.

Due to its complexity and all the people involved, this project could have been incredibly difficult to accomplish in the allotted time frame. Fortunately, Squar Milner has an awesome Project Manager who was extremely effective and communicated extensively with our team and our PM (me).

Hooray for PM Synergy!

The Client

Squar Milner is large CPA & Accounting firm with six locations nationwide and over 50 partners. They had a decent website already, but it was outdated and disorganized. Each of their five main services had several dropdowns to different pages, and a massive amount of content was scattered throughout the site.

A prospective customer might have eventually found what they were looking for, but it certainly wouldn't be effortless. And with CPA firms, clients likely need multiple services, so it would be nice if they were found with the fewest clicks possible.

Equally important, Squar Milner happens to be a really great place to work, but the old site did not showcase their personality or positive work environment. The team takes annual trips together (on the company's dime!) and despite their top tier work product, they lack the stuffiness you might expect from a CPA firm. Instead, they have a really upbeat and relaxed vibe. Squar Milner wanted its new site to be modern and vibrant, appealing to the fresh blood they were looking for!

Our goal was to give the site a fresh, modern look, condense and reorganize the content for a great UX, and create new bio pages for each of the 50+ partners. Whew! We had our work cut out for us! Thankfully, Squar Milner had a talented PM overseeing the project on their end. Nicole was a joy to work with from start to finish. Her involvement was crucial in seeing that the project ran smoothly and stayed on track.

The Project

Our current process allows for one Design Concept of the home page. (This is after an in-depth discussion of the client's needs and wants and, naturally, includes some revisions. Sub-pages are usually modeled after the approved home page design.) However, we are able to provide more than one Design Concept should the client desire custom designs on other key pages. Squar Milner opted to have Tyler create Design Concepts for the Home page, About page, Team pages (locations), individual bio pages, and two Careers pages.

All of our projects require some feedback from the client at our various stages of development. This feedback is usually minimal and needs to happen within our agreed-upon timelines. Sounds fairly simple, but for large projects where multiple people's approval may be required, it takes a very organized (and often persistent!) Project Manager to keep everyone on task and keep the project moving along. (With lots of cooks in the kitchen, people can easily get distracted by non-essentials and a project can be derailed in no time.)


The content needed to be revised and refreshed, cut back and organized so that all the info about each service stayed on one page. Now, these would still be pretty content-heavy pages, so our awesome designer Tyler used a sub-navigation feature on each service page. That way you could click on a subcategory and it would scroll you down to that section of content on the page.

For example, this is the Tax service page:

Squar Milner Tax Services

I scrolled down a bit before taking this screenshot (past some awesome effects Tyler implemented) so you could see the sub-navigation (in orange). Each of those used to be its own individual page, and now they are all contained on the same page, found with the simple click of a heading... or if a user wants to see them all, he or she can simply scroll down the page.

Check out the NEW Squar Milner site here!

The Result

Nicole killed it on her end! She was accessible and communicated with us regularly, and she was persistent and diligent in taking Design Concepts and content drafts to her team for approval. As a result, this massive project was completed on time! BOOM!

The client was super happy with the end result, and we couldn't have been more pleased with how smoothly the project went. Plus we're very proud of the end result. We think it really captures the company's voice quite well! This is a project we are repeatedly complimented on by businesses viewing our portfolio. 

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Written by Christopher Mazurk

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