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Sentinel: A Case Study in Rebranding

May 25, 2017

Take a look at this case study: a huge project where the client was completely rebranding their company. It was a challenge, but we knocked it out of the park!

This was a huge project -- pages upon pages, very content heavy. It was also a total rebranding effort for the client.

The Client

Sentinel partners with courts, law enforcement, and corrections to provide offender monitoring devices (like the house arrest ankle bracelets we've all seen), case management services, as well as a number of different programs.

Sentinel's (formerly Sentrak's) old site was super outdated, not optimally laid out or organized for the large amount of content it contained, and also spoke to an audience the client would no longer be aiming its messaging toward.

The Project

Since the client was rebranding their entire company, one of the biggest challenges would be nailing down the proper messaging to the new target audience... and as it turns out, there are a few target audiences. So the next challenge would be organizing the content for accessibility and ease of use for each of the audiences.

Tyler designed a site that would accommodate a large volume of content, and broke it up to make it more readable and interesting. Kyle edited the previous site's content, honed the client's message, and also de- curse of knowledge-d it. There's probably a better way to say that -- but the gist of it is, sometimes we know too much about our own industry -- which is great, except that we aren't able to think about it from our customer's perspective. We can't articulate our message simply and without jargon. In that case, our knowledge can become a curse. This can also happen in highly technical industries, where reframing the message to be understandable by all can be very difficult.

The final challenge here was obtaining stock photos that would compliment Sentinel's products and services. Fortunately, we've encountered this issue before, so it wasn't new territory for us.

The Result

This was an enormous project, one of our largest. In the end, we think we knocked it out of the park. We worked directly with Sentinel's Marketing Manager who had a specific vision, which really helped us hone in on the proper design and messaging.

Take a look!

Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 1.52.04 PM.png

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Christopher Mazurk

Written by Christopher Mazurk

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