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RJE International: An Underwater Mission Case Study

Jun 06, 2017

In my humble opinion, one of the [many] reasons that we at Website Muscle love our jobs so much is the variety. Every project is a new adventure -- we always learn something new, whether it's about ourselves, a client, or an industry. We consider it a privilege to work with clients from such diverse backgrounds and industries.

RJE International is definitely one of the more intriguing [read: badass] industries we've worked with.

The Client

Last year, RJE celebrated its 25th anniversary in business, providing "mission critical products". We thought it sounded pretty James Bond (or Austin Powers -- depending on who you talked to), so we jumped at the opportunity to with with this client. Basically, it means they design, engineer, and sell really rad underwater communications systems, transponders, diver navigation platforms, and other highly technical stuff we don't understand but wish we did. RJE's clientele includes military divers, offshore and marine scientific communities, search and rescue teams, commercial and military aviation, and more.

The Project

RJE's old site was outdated and directed toward multiple audiences. They wanted a modern site that was focused solely on their underwater product line. Kyle worked with the client to create updated content with the proper messaging.

Tyler created a design that would beautifully accommodate a large number of products. At the client's request, he also created a Digital Assets page which contains an organized portfolio of manuals, brochures, and products all in one place.

Having such a niche market made finding great stock photography challenging. So RJE took our advice and hired our favorite photographer, Jon Haverstick, to do some on-location photography. As always, he knocked it out of the park.

Time was of the essence, as RJE had a big trade show coming up. We worked extra hard and were able to have the site launched in time for them to display it at the big expo.

The Result

RJE was quite happy with the finished product. We received a lovely letter from their marketing department after the site launched which stated in part:

Our new RJE website has launched and we could not be more pleased. You provided us with a true all-star team that exceeded our expectations. Oceanology and Combat Dive Navigation are very niche markets; yet Kyle Cavaness was able to highly enhance our content, and Tyler Bales slayed the layout. I had worked with Chris Mazurk before, he's a gem -- always professional, and always calm... which was calming to me and took the stress out of 'launch mode'.
Website Muscle has taken our old antiquated site and transformed it into one that truly provides our true image of a global company that's been in business for 25 years. Thank you so much for taking our vision, expanding it, and creating a website that is equally beautiful and extremely functional for our customers. We had positive feedback instantaneously.

You're very welcome, RJE! And thank you for being so awesome to work with!

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Christopher Mazurk

Written by Christopher Mazurk

Chris is your go-to point of contact once you sign on with us. His background in website development, project management and network administration is delightfully comprehensive, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Outside of work, Chris's hands are typically clapping at an Angels game or serenading his wife via guitar.

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