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Premier Aquatics: A Case Study in Navigation

Apr 06, 2017

If you know us, you know we love a good challenge. Each website project we take on comes with its own set of unique obstacles. We love working with each client and collaborating as a team to find creative and practical solutions -- not only to achieve the client's goals, but also to create an outstanding UX (user experience).

The Client

Premier Aquatics (, provides swimming lessons from infancy all the way up to adulthood, competitive youth swim teams, and CPR, first aid, and lifeguarding training programs throughout Orange County. You can also hold parties and events at some of their facilities.

Premier Aquatics came to us with an outdated site that was really tough to navigate. Since they offer so many different classes, courses, and events -- at a number of locations -- there were a lot of pages containing a LOT of content, and from a user standpoint, it took way too long to access the information you needed.

The Project

We knew navigation was going to be one of the biggest challenges for this project. Users needed to be able to easily identify their closest location, as well as what programs are offered. So whether a user was starting from their location and finding the service they needed, or starting with the service they needed and then seeing what locations offer that service -- it needed to be quick and easy to find.

Premier originally thought they could stick to the same sitemap and page setup as the previous site, and that a new design would make things easier to navigate... but we quickly realized that accomplishing a great UX would require a complete overhaul of the previous sitemap, navigation, and page setup. We spent a considerable amount of time sketching out the steps a user could take starting from the home page, to whatever service or location they desired (very Beautiful Mind-esque).

Additionally, Premier Aquatics needed a software called Jackrabbitclass integrated into their site, enabling users to select and sign up for classes online. The challenge here was that software of this kind is focused on functionality rather than aesthetics.

Nevertheless, Tyler, our incredible designer, rose to the challenge and was able to make Jackrabbitclass conform to the existing design, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. This took some creative "code hijacking" to not only make it look great (and not break the rest of the site's functionality, as this can happen when you tweak a theme's code) but to function properly on mobile devices too.

swimoc-homepage.pngPremier Aquatics — new homepage

The Result

Let's put it this way: the largest Australian swim training program told Premier Aquatics that they paid $50,000 for their website and it didn't turn out nearly as great as

The client was super happy, as were we. I mean, take a look for yourself and tell us you didn't want to sign up for something.

Tyree Nelson

Written by Tyree Nelson

Tyree loves writing, and she’s really good at it – but more importantly, she loves getting to know new people and their stories, and retelling those stories on your website. She doesn’t just write about you and your industry. She becomes a mini-expert in your world. Tyree also enjoys reading, running, yoga, and spending time with her boys at home.

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