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Our Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress Websites are Better

Sep 22, 2016

Why Wordpress Websites are BetterWordPress, our preferred platform for website design, is widely used by businesses (including ours) because of the simplicity, versatility and power it offers users.

We’ve posted before about getting the most out of your WordPress site, but we thought it would be a good idea to spend some time explaining why the Website Muscle team is so committed to using this platform.

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Our Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress Websites are Better

1) WordPress is Free (Mostly)

Many WordPress users feel like they’re getting more than they paid for -- especially since WordPress doesn't cost anything.

As an open source software, WordPress is free to use, edit and redistribute. Its original source code is publicly available, and the software is totally free -- forever.

And it’s not just the code that is available for nothing. Many of the thousands of professionally designed themes available in the WordPress library are free as well. This means that if you have an in-house website team or you’re working with an agency, you’ll be able to devote more of your budget to customization and development than the core functionality of your site, which is already in place.

2) It’s Popular

Being free, easy-to-use and awesome for so long has made WordPress the most popular website content management system (CMS) on the internet. Check out some stats:

Why Wordpress Websites are Better
Credit: Ink Themes

As you can see, about one out of every four websites online runs on WordPress. And people wouldn’t keep coming back for more if they weren’t happy with the product.

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3) It’s SEO-Friendly

Your website won’t do you a whole lot of good if people can’t reach it through Google. The WordPress framework is designed to be easy for search engines to crawl and index, without a lot of work on the user’s part.

A senior Google engineer who endorsed WordPress publicly said that it “solves a ton of SEO issues.” And with a free plugin or two, your site can be fully optimized for search engine attention.

4) It’s Mobile-Friendly

People seeing your website for the first time on a smartphone or tablet is the new normal -- and your website needs to look good on those devices.

Why Wordpress Websites are BetterMobile responsiveness isn’t just important for generating more leads, however -- Google actually uses it as one of its search result ranking factors.

Building a website on WordPress makes it easy to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

And as WP Apprentice points out, many WordPress themes are already designed to be responsive. Also, the WordPress dashboard works on smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers alike, so you can access and manage your website from anywhere.

5) WordPress is Ready To Go Right Away…

Entrepreneur’s list of reasons to love WordPress includes how easy it is to use immediately after installation. Instead of adding a bunch of plugins to track revisions, allow for comments, and create a blog, WordPress does all of these things as part of its core functions, which means there are fewer functions to get up and running during the development of your website.

6) ...But You Can Add a Lot to It

WordPress is easy to use ‘out of the box,’ but there are lots of ways to customize a WordPress site for your needs. Tens of thousands of ways, in fact.

Why Wordpress Websites are BetterBy accessing the extensive WordPress plugin library, you can configure your website for just about any purpose you could think of.

Search engine optimization (see #3), e-commerce, contact forms, Google Maps directions… WordPress can do a lot, and the user-friendly CMS makes it easy to do it yourself -- or at least with minimal help.

7) The Right Access For Everyone

Chances are that multiple people at your company will need access to your website to make updates, post events and blog articles, and make other tweaks as time goes on.

WordPress makes this easy with tiered multi-user functionality. Which is just a fancy way of saying that more than one person can have a login for your website, and that you can restrict certain users who are only allowed to access certain parts of the site’s back-end.

Access levels can start at “Super Administrator,” which provides access to all features of the site and the site’s network administration. Lower levels include “Editor,” who can publish and manage all site posts; “Contributors” can write posts but cannot publish them; and “Subscribers,” who can login but only manage their own profile.

Also, access to your website isn’t limited by the device you’re using. As we mentioned in #4, you can log into your WordPress website from any internet-equipped device to make updates or changes to your site’s pages.

8) Secure and Supported

Since WordPress is the CMS of choice for so many people, it’s also a common target for hackers. The minds behind WordPress take these threats seriously, which is why they have spent a lot of time coaching users and hosting providers how to keep their WordPress sites safe.

Why Wordpress Websites are BetterWordPress also releases updates periodically, which users can access for no charge. Often these updates include additional or improved security features.

Of course, security comes in many forms -- including peace of mind.

WordPress offers comprehensive support for their platform, which is supplemented by lots of how-to videos and the WordPress Community Forums, in which users can pose questions that can be answered by more experienced users.

9) It’s Still a Blog (and a Lot of Other Things Too)

When the first version of WordPress was released to the world in May 2003, it was primarily used as a blogging platform. In the years that followed, the scope of the system has increased considerably, but the blogging side of WordPress is still extremely easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the site.

10) Host Where You Want

Hosting your website is one of the most important aspects of establishing your online presence -- and yet it doesn’t get a whole lot of attention.

One more useful feature of the WordPress CMS is that you can host your website anywhere you want -- from free sites like Hostt to GoDaddy to Rackspace to our personal favorite, WP Engine. Everyone’s hosting needs are different and can be influenced by budget, security needs, the number of websites you need to host, and many other details.

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