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Our March 2017 Client Training Seminar

Apr 11, 2017

Last month was big for us.

Not just in a “numbers are up!” sense — although they are, which is good.

No, last month was big because we kicked off our newest offering for our clients — the Website Muscle Web Training Seminar.

For a few hours once a month, a member of our expert team (usually me) will sit down with a select few of our website clients to show them how their websites work, what our process is for making updates, and how they can get more out of their online presence.

Attendees at the March 2017 Training Seminar included:
March 2017 seminar attendees with Tyler

"This is a great program that offers very real value to our clients and helps them understand us as a company even more. Fun facts - everyone who attended took a survey, and ALL rated our Client Support System an average of "92 out of 100". As Tyree ALWAYS says, "facts are facts!" - and them's some facts!"
— Chris Mazurk

We covered a number of topics during the session, starting with an introduction to our JIRA-powered Client Support system. We discussed how to request support through our system, the difference between a “basic” and “advanced” support request, what we need from clients when they send in a support request, and lots of other little details.

For the majority of the seminar, we turned it over to the attendees. We wanted to create a safe space where folks could ask questions about their website, how to get more out of their online presence, and any other web-related question we could help with.

Of course, no seminar would be complete without some swag, right? Which is why we included some of our favorite goodies from Nothing Bundt Cakes, a Website Muscle ‘coupon book’ with special offers exclusive to attendees, and entry into a drawing for … for completing the post-training exit survey.

And because we didn’t want to make everyone wait around (and we’re nerds), we announced the post-training survey winner with this thrilling video:

By the end, the best part for me was seeing our clients getting to know each other and discussing how they were using their websites to create opportunities for their businesses. We’ve always thought that our clients were a special group, and seeing a bunch of them hanging out in a room together proved it.

To all our attendees — thanks again! And to everyone else — contact us about an upcoming seminar and we'll be happy to save you a seat.

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Tyler Bales

Written by Tyler Bales

Tyler can design like nobody's business. Scratch that. Actually, he can design like everyone's business. Tyler is one talented guy who always delivers a beautiful product. He is also the nicest human on planet Earth. We really enjoy this combination of traits and we think you will too.

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