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Oopsi Baby: A Case Study in Shopify

Apr 20, 2017

Oopsi Baby is an online store selling feeding sets and bento boxes, bibs, backpacks, and lunch & snack bags. Shopify was the perfect platform for this company.

The Client

Johanna of Oopsi Baby came to us in need of an e-commerce site for her products. Oopsi Baby is an online store featuring bento boxes and feeding sets, bibs, backpacks (regular and safety harness), lunch bags and snack bags, and super soft bamboo-muslin blankets for babies and kids.

The products are animal-themed, and the About page features a cute little bio of each animal friend.

The Project

Johanna had already selected Shopify as her e-commerce platform of choice, and we heartily agreed that was the best option for her budget, desired functionality, and smaller number of products.

Tyler built a simple Shopify site using a clean design that would accommodate colorful photos, as well as a great user experience (UX) for adding items to the cart and going through the purchasing process.

Oopsi Baby wisely had professional photos taken, showcasing (adorable!) children with their brightly colored Oopsi Baby gear and happy smiles.

The Result


Screenshot 2017-04-05 at 11.25.48 AM.png

Both Oopsi Baby and we were pleased with the result! Shopify worked great for this company's needs.

Tyree Nelson

Written by Tyree Nelson

Tyree loves writing, and she’s really good at it – but more importantly, she loves getting to know new people and their stories, and retelling those stories on your website. She doesn’t just write about you and your industry. She becomes a mini-expert in your world. Tyree also enjoys reading, running, yoga, and spending time with her boys at home.

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