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JL Motorworks: A Case Study in Efficiency

Mar 14, 2017

JL Motorworks Case Study. JL Motorworks’ site came together in a hurry, but our team and the client never felt rushed.

The Client

JL Motorworks is a La Habra-based independent service center that specializes in BMWs, MINI Coopers, Mercedes-Benz and Audis.

The company was established in 2012 and added a second location in Long Beach in 2013. The owner was interested in further expansion and wanted to update his online presence with a modern, professional, and engaging new website.

The Project

JL Motorworks reached out to Website Muscle because they were impressed by Coast Motor Werk's website. Coast Motor Werk is a longtime web design and online marketing client of Website Muscle that operates four BMW and Mini Cooper service centers throughout Orange County.

The owner wanted to go a similar route with the JL Motorworks website — professional and experienced but approachable and easygoing. Because of their growing client base, the higher-ups at the company were comfortable handing the website off to us so they could continue to focus on their customers and the day-to-day operations at their shop.


Since the JL Motorworks team was clear about their goals for the website and provided us with branding guidelines via their logo and existing website, crafting a design for the new website was fairly simple.

Our designer made the new site "pop" with a full-screen, full-width BMW image on the homepage. The rest of the homepage uses additional large imagery and animation to highlight the company's unique mix of service offerings and specials.

JL Motorworks' expertise in multiple German automotive brands created natural navigation points for the site, which we incorporated and linked to the Contact page so prospective clients could make an appointment at one of the company’s two locations.

The client approved our design concepts and website layout with minimal revisions, which helped our team keep the project on schedule and on track to launch the new site as soon as possible.

JL Motorworks Case StudyJL Motorworks homepage (above the fold)


Because JL Motorworks' specials and services were already clearly defined, our content writer didn’t have to re-invent the wheel when drafting new content for the website. We presented the client with a new website headline that captured the company’s approach and attitude — "Driven To Be Awesome" — which set the tone for the rest of the content throughout the site.

After a thorough updating and proofreading of the content, once again, the JL Motorworks team had minimal changes to the new site’s text, and we were able to move forward with the project quickly.

The Results

JL Motorworks' site came together in a hurry, but our team and the client never felt rushed. By setting clear expectations at the beginning of the project and then leaving us to our own devices, the JL Motorworks team wound up with a great looking new website that will continue to serve them as their business grows.

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