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JIGBY Vol. 2 — Resource Planning

Feb 14, 2017

About a year ago, Website Muscle overhauled our internal project management system and switched from Basecamp to Jira.

As we said then, we wanted to get a better grasp on how our operations were functioning, and Jira provides that through detailed tracking of issues, bugs, and customer service and project management.

After a few months of preparation and setup, the entire team was initiated into the new system. As we said goodbye to Basecamp assignments and took up Jira’s “issues,” we stepped into a steep learning curve.

resource planningWe even gave Jira a fun new nickname, “JIGBY,” which stands for “Jira is Great, But, Y’know…” as we became more familiar with the benefits — and shortcomings — of the system.

As 2016 wound down, our leadership team started to move into the next phase of our Jira/JIGBY implementation by creating a calendar that maps out how our team uses its time.

We’re finally ready to unleash the full power of Jira project management! (If you heard that last sentence in an evil villain voice, we don’t blame you. But this is a good thing.)

Resource Planning for Team Success

Resource planning starts with a holistic look at the work we're already doing.

To get a bird’s-eye view of how our system works now, we needed to:

  1. Clearly define our process. (As Gino Wickman’s “Traction” says, “Your processes are your Way of doing business. Successful organizations see their Way clearly and constantly refine it.”)
  2. Configure our tools to reflect the process.
  3. Gather data to confirm that the tools are functioning as planned.

success babyOnce our process was clearly defined and our planning tools were in place, we had the ability to look weeks and months ahead in our schedule and gain a clearer vision of what's coming down our path.

This foresight lets our team know in advance when they need to be ready to work harder and when they can expect a little time to take a breather.

After all, we're all humans here (mostly), and we believe in treating our employees like adults. The reality is that humans need time to think and recharge, but that time can be built into our schedules by planning ahead effectively.

Success for our team includes cultivating the resources we need to plan ahead and creating a realistic system to complete work effectively. Because when our team succeeds, our clients succeed.

Resource Planning for Client Success

Planning our resources more efficiently makes it easier for us to nail that ancient bit of business wisdom, “under-promise and over-deliver.”

Our version of this truism means that clients always know exactly what they're going to get from us well in advance. We want everyone who works with us to trust our deadlines so that they can make the best possible decisions for their business.

In other words, we want our clients to succeed for selfish reasons — because their online success reflects well on us.

By being a functioning cog in their wheel, we can free our clients up to focus on growing their businesses, which is more important than sweating website design details.

Christopher Mazurk

Written by Christopher Mazurk

Chris is your go-to point of contact once you sign on with us. His background in website development, project management and network administration is delightfully comprehensive, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Outside of work, Chris's hands are typically clapping at an Angels game or serenading his wife via guitar.

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