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How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

Oct 12, 2017

Website Muscle started back in 2008, which means our 10-year anniversary isn’t too far off. (Yikes!)

laptop-smartphone.jpgWe’ve been around long enough to work with some of our customers on more than one version of their website. And forward-thinking clients sometimes ask, once their new site launches, “When am I going to have to do this again?”

The Short Answer

We recommend overhauling your site’s design every 3-5 years. (And if your site looks more like this than these, give us a call sooner, not later.)

The Long Answer — Why Redesign Your Website?

Changing Best Practices

We sometimes forget that websites, like everything online, are still new. Innovations can change what we think of as “best practices” quickly.

smartphone.jpgFor example, way back in 2015, the buzzword around web design was “mobile-friendly” — meaning that your desktop site should include a mobile version.

Today, because the balance of online traffic has shifted to smart devices, the focus has shifted to a “mobile-first” design that produces a responsive site regardless of device.

Refresh to Keep Up

When the next trend comes into focus, you might be able to get by with a website refresh instead of completely redoing your site. Sometimes keeping up with user experience trends is simple — for example, on-page pop-ups were all the rage a few years ago. Today, an overuse of pop-ups has led Google to penalize sites that rely on them.

Of course, a refresh won’t help you if your site doesn’t look as modern as you’d like. Sometimes your content management system or design theme needs to be updated, in which case a redesign is in order.

New Website for New Offerings

Finally, sometimes your business services change, and your website needs to be remade to reflect a change in offerings.

Similarly, the addition of functionality — if your site needs to integrate with a third-party plugin or customer relationship management software, for example — might also require a redesign.

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Tyler Bales

Written by Tyler Bales

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