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Facetron Case Study: A Not-So-Extreme Makeover

Feb 09, 2017

In a recent post, we discussed the differences between a website refresh and a website redesign. Take a look at it here.

Facetron fell in that third category: they didn't need a brand new site from scratch (we had already built them one back in 2013), but they didn't need a total overhaul either. What they needed was some cleanup, some modernizing, and some updating.

All they really needed was a little makeover.

The Client

Facetron manufactures high-quality precision machines for cutting gemstones. Facetron is a family owned and operated company since 1974, having created the Facetron machine out of a need for a faceting machine with a gear that was missing from the model they had purchased. All their parts are manufactured and their machines assembled in their Anaheim, California warehouse.

The Project

Facetron's old site was functioning well but it wasn't fully mobile responsive. The design layout was outdated and not really in line with current best practices (amazing what can change in just three years, eh?).

Here's an image of the old site homepage, above the fold:

Facetron: A Not-So-Extreme Makeover (Case Study)

We kept the existing color scheme, logo, and content, but created a new design layout according to current design trends.

We used more visually appealing fonts, nice large headlines, and broke up the content to make it more readable, with images and CTAs (calls to action) to encourage visitors to learn more about the company and its product.

The Results

Here's the new site, above the fold:

facetron homepage

The client was super happy with their new look, which we believe far surpasses any of their competition's websites.

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