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Enterprise Automation: A Case Study in Scrolling

Jan 19, 2017

Our challenge with Enterprise Automation was presenting client content in an engaging way that was easy to navigate on smart devices.

The Client

Enterprise Automation provides control systems integration for various public and private enterprises. Since 1998, the company has lent their expertise to power generation facilities, refineries, research laboratories, groundwater SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) replacement and more.

Enterprise holds multiple industry certifications and has a strong internal education system in place. The company strives to recruit and promote excellent candidates who specialize in the highly technical systems that their team deals with on a daily basis.

The Project

Like many niche market specialists we work with, the Enterprise team was burdened with the “curse of knowledge” — they had so much high-level expertise that it was difficult to communicate effectively with those less technically minded, especially through their website.

This problem manifested itself as dense blocks of detailed text spread across myriad subpages on their original site. Our challenge was to find a way to present all of their content in a way that was engaging for visitors and easy to navigate, especially on mobile devices.

Even though challenges were evident, we had a good feeling about working with the Enterprise team from the start. In our experience, companies populated with engineers are used to navigating details and working with a specialized team, which made it easy for us to communicate and collaborate on the site’s needs.


Enterprise Automation homepageOur designer broke through the challenge of simplifying Enterprise Automation’s navigation by creating longer, scrollable pages.

This was especially important in adapting Enterprise’s site for mobile-responsiveness, as submenus can be difficult to click through in a mobile environment.

These scrollable pages were segmented into themed rows, some of which extended a good distance down the page. To simplify the navigation further, our designer added secondary menus that were ‘pinned’ to the tops of longer pages (see ‘About’ page image at right).

The secondary navigation made it possible to turn entire subpages into rows on these expanded pages, while still keeping all of the information easily accessible.


Our focus for Enterprise’s content was to “de-curse” their technical text and make it more engaging for their prospective clients and future recruits.

One simple method for improving the text was adding more frequent line breaks to separate ideas within long, technical paragraphs.

Because the web has nearly unlimited space for content and users are more comfortable with scrolling today, readers are more likely to stay engaged with complicated material if it’s easier to read on the page — especially on mobile screens.

Enterprise Automation homepage sectionFinally, it was crucial to demonstrate Enterprise's credibility and subject matter expertise in their industry. We were able to highlight the company’s credentials graphically with certification logos and a wealth of case studies.

The Results

As the new website took shape, the Enterprise Automation team was very helpful in providing specific information and changes to help us meet their vision.

When the site was launched, the staff was thrilled to have a modern website for prospective leads. The Enterprise team continues to use the site as a reference for clients and a recruiting tool for potential recruits.

Kyle Cavaness

Written by Kyle Cavaness

Kyle is approachable, friendly, and professional – and the dude can write, which doesn’t hurt. Kyle helps our online marketing clients by writing unique, keyword-rich blog posts and landing pages. During non-working hours, he writes stories for OC Weekly and songs for his band, The Vespertines.

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