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Closing Rackspace: A Hero's Journey

Jan 10, 2017

Closing Rackspace: A Hero's Journey

What a long, strange trip it's been... (Photo by Brickset via

We work really, really hard to provide our customers with the best products and services we can.

That means we use tools and resources in-house that help us stay organized, work efficiently (JIGBY!), and blow our clients' socks off with great customer service. It also means that when we realize something is no longer serving us or our clients, we find something better.

A while back, we made the decision to partner with WP Engine for website hosting. That turned out to be a great decision. It took months of research and planning on our end to make the switch (because we don't believe in rash decisions), and it's been great ever since.

Before we found WP Engine, we used Rackspace for hosting. Rackspace doesn't specialize in WordPress sites. We build sites on the WordPress platform, so it only makes sense that we'd find a hosting provider who knows WordPress like we do. We also found that many of our clients' sites were being hacked, experiencing high load times, and generally not performing to our standards.

We were on a search to find the best WordPress hosting solution available, and WP Engine fit the bill perfectly. Hosting providers run the gamut, so we needed to find a partner that could provide:

  • round the clock support
  • iron-clad security
  • proactive site performance enhancers: site speed, load time, etc.
  • backups, restore functions -- the list goes on.

We moved our own site to WP Engine for hosting as a test run, and almost immediately our average load time dropped from 8.94 seconds to 2.59 seconds. Pretty impressive, huh?

Once we firmly decided to make the switch to WP Engine, we embarked on the journey to transition our clients over to WP Engine hosting. It's been a long, arduous adventure filled with lots of emails, phone calls, Q&A sessions, and hours of work -- but we finally made it! And getting our clients onto the best WordPress hosting provider out there was totally worth all the effort. We're confident you'll agree.

Our Hosting Options

In case you need a recap, WP Engine offers hosting for around $29 per month.

For $100 per month, you get hosting by WP Engine, plus the benefits of having a local website company nearby to be your first point of contact. We'll perform all your site updates and backups, provide unlimited support, and we'll report to you every month how your site is doing. It's an incredible value.

Sam Nelson

Written by Sam Nelson

Sam created Website Muscle in 2008 with a love of coding websites and meeting new people. Since then, he has grown the company into a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, supportive experts who want to help you succeed online. Sam is a small business advocate who loves to discuss the latest trends and work with you on business goals.

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