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California Auto Finance: A Case Study in Good Vibes

Jun 27, 2017

The Client

California Auto Finance (CAF) is a family-owned lending service with more than 50 years of experience in their industry. They provide short-term secured loans that allow borrowers to use their vehicle title as collateral.

The Project

When they approached us, CAF’s existing website was a smorgasbord of outdated website components. Their homepage design was blocky and featured too many slider images; the content was full of stock photography and boilerplate text.

Also, many of the subpages only had a line or two of text describing a specific service and weren’t explicitly linked to calls to action — effectively making them ‘dead’ pages that don’t encourage clients to take the next step.

In short, it was a mess. But these kinds of messes are our specialty.


After some back and forth with the client, our designer was able to create a minimalistic but eye-catching homepage that better represented CAF’s updated vision. Instead of scrolling stock photos, one evocative “hero image” shows a classic red convertible cruising up the California coastline.

caf-homepage.pngFurther down the homepage, animated milestones and scrolling testimonials reinforce the “social proof” that lets prospective clients know that this is a real company interested in real people (and not a rip-you-off robot).


Our most important task was consolidating content on CAF’s ‘dead’ subpages. We managed to pare down the sitemap to just six pages, which allowed us to hone the site’s message and focus more clearly on the audience — which, in CAF’s case, included people who needed a title loan, people who needed to make a loan payment, and dealers that wanted to partner with CAF on financial services.

By working closely with the designer and the client, our content writer was able to craft direct, engaging content that was highlighted by modern, mobile-responsive design elements. Each page also provides clear next steps for any site visitor that wants to contact CAF or use their services.

The Results

CAF’s leadership team was thrilled with the new site and continues to use it as an integral part of their business. The company currently hosts their website with us as a part of their maintenance plan, and we continue to help them make updates through our customer support system.

We’re happy that our project with CAF has turned into a partnership — our favorite thing, after making clients happy with a new website, is to keep making them happy by keeping their website in great shape.

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Sam Nelson

Written by Sam Nelson

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