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4 Benefits of Email Drip Campaigns for Your Business

Dec 06, 2016

Email drip campaigns are a series of pre-written emails that automatically go out to your leads based on actions they take, like subscribing to a newsletter or requesting information about a product. These campaigns are typically designed to nurture, upsell, or retain customers.

As Marketing Tech notes, this automated communication is designed to engage prospects and convert them into leads by growing their relationship with your business and building credibility and trust over time.

If you are thinking about an email drip campaign of your own, or you want your online marketing team to start one for you, these benefits might help you decide.

4 Benefits of Email Drip Campaigns for Your Business

1) Nurture Leads Throughout the Sales Process

leavesLead nurturing is a marketing term for staying in touch with a potential client who might be interested in what you’re offering but isn’t ready to buy.

As they receive more knowledge and information about your products or services, nurtured leads become ready to buy -- and are more likely to make larger purchases too.

With drip marketing, automated marketing gurus Act-On say that you can deliver the right information at exactly the right step in the buyer's journey, even after they have made a purchase.

Thank you emails and messages asking for a customer review -- processes that forward-thinking companies like Amazon have turned into a science -- will reinforce a positive experience and extend the life-cycle of your buyers.

2) Make Your Marketing Automatic

Building an email campaign that automatically launches when a prospect or customer takes action makes your marketing efforts much easier to maintain -- and easier to track.

A well-constructed drip email campaign will include analytics like open rate and click-through rate, so you will be able to gain extra insight into your campaign’s performance. Over time, you and your marketing team can improve these emails to increase conversions and draw in more customers.

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And speaking of analytics…

email drip campaigns3) Drip Emails Are Opened More Often Than One-Offs

A research study by Silverpop found that the open rates for drip emails are about 80% higher than single sends.

The study analyzed a large number of outgoing commercial email sends from a variety of business sectors, comparing single send campaigns to drip campaigns to determine the differences in open and click-through rates.

According to SmartTouch Interactive, not only did drip campaigns do better overall, the lowest 25% of the drip campaigns actually outperformed the open rates of the highest 25% of all single sends. The top 25% of drip campaigns showed an 81% higher open rate than the single sends.

Given that even a 5% increase in open rates can lead to significantly higher conversions, these drip campaign results can have an important impact on your company’s success.

4) Click-Through Rates for Drip Emails are Higher Too

Silverpop’s research also found that click-through rates -- the percentage of those who click a link in your email to learn more about your offering -- are higher in drip email campaigns than single sends too.

email drip campaignsSmartTouch reported that the drip campaign’s top rates were more than three times that of the single send -- the highest-performing 25% of drip emails showed a click-through rate of more than 27%, compared to an 8.6% click-through rate for the top quadrant of single sends.

Average click-through rates performed similarly in the study. The drip campaigns resulted in an average single click-through rate of about 10%, while the average single click through rate of the single sends was just 3%.

email drip campaignsIn simple terms, if you want your email marketing to succeed, a drip campaign is a lot more likely to work than one-off emails to your leads and existing customers.

Kyle Cavaness

Written by Kyle Cavaness

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